Our Story.

Founded in 2008, Brighter Futures has gone on to become an integral part of our Island's family support system

It all began in 2008 with a shake of a bucket and an unwavering determination to help and support local families facing significant difficulties in their lives.

Brighter Futures was founded by Wendy Hurford MBE and since its creation, when it started with just twelve families, it has grown from strength to strength to meet the needs of over 2,800 families and benefitting over 11,200 Islanders.

Every year since, the Charity has grown and engaged with more Supporting Partners and Ambassadors to support our vital cause of giving families hope for their future.

Brighter Futures has gone on to become an integral part of Jersey’s support system for families and their children. Operating from The Bridge alongside Family Nursing & Home Care, Midwives and Parenting Support Services and a range of other services offering support, Brighter Futures has established its own strong team of highly qualified, professional members of staff.

The Charity has had to raise many millions over the last twelve years. Wendy’s commitment to Jersey families facing many of life's challenges and who desperately need help has inspired many and driven the Charity to become a resilient and consistent support system for thousands of clients over the years.

Every day is different at Brighter Futures helping to address and support clients in solving problems as the Charity continues to develop and grow.

By 2021, Brighter Futures’ events have become hugely popular, diverse and spirited, encouraging an engaged and new audience to get involved and be part of a brighter future for everyone in our Island’s community.

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