Personal Development and second chance learning.

Providing the skills our clients may need in order to progress and succeed in education, work and life.

Education is a lifelong and empowering process. Brighter Futures offers a range of programmes designed to equip parents/carers to access and re-engage in personal development and learning within the community.

By implementing a client-centred approach within a supportive learning environment, we prepare individuals for the next step in their journey. Clients work hard to achieve their goals, raise skill levels, increase self-esteem, improve their future life chances and positively influence subsequent generations.

PRESCHOOL Basic Parenting Training Program aged 3 – 6 yrs

For parents/carers to learn how to build positive relationships and increase their confidence in managing their children’s behaviour by improving knowledge of the growth and developmental stages.

For parents/carers with children from zero to ten years. Also available in Portuguese.

The focus of this parenting programme is relationships. It looks at ways of strengthening a parent/carer’s abilities to observe and improve their care giving capacity. Video is used throughout to illustrate examples of different interactions and the principles central to Circle of Security parenting.

For parents/carers with children of any age

This looks at the parent/carer’s strengths, skills and resources, enabling people to look at the difficulties and challenges they face in their own lives. Individual and group activities and discussions encourage you to focus on the choices you have made and the goals you set in order to make changes in your life. Various tasks encourage self reflection and evaluation which can help build self-esteem and self confidence. This course is further developed with Making Changes.

For parents/carers with children of any age

Following on from Wants and Wishes, this focuses on building one’s self-esteem and self confidence and provides an opportunity for second chance learning. It's broken down into different blocks of sessions featuring various elements including effective thinking skills, self reflection and mindfulness which can help lead on to further training and qualifications or preparation for employment or returning to work.

For parents/carers with children from birth to eight years

Parents/carers are invited to compile their own personal child study. These sessions complement the Growing Together groups and are based on three elements:

  • Theory; group discussions based around a child’s development,
  • Practice; parents/carers, children and Brighter Futures’ staff coming together to put learned theory into practice while using video to capture learning
  • and Reflection; footage of a child’s play and learning forms the basis of group discussion in order to understand and support the child’s development.

For parents/carers

The Functional Skills course provides skills, knowledge and understanding that you may need in order to progress and succeed in education, work and life. The Functional Skills qualification supports the development of practical skills in English, Maths and IT, and is designed to help learners gain the most out of work, education and everyday life. There's a strong focus on explanation and problem-solving, with a choice of paper assessment or on-screen, on-demand assessment.

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