Parent and Child.

We at Brighter Futures believe that the relationship between a parent and their child is a unique bond that nurtures the holistic growth and development of a child. It lays the foundations for their behaviour, personality, traits and values.

Our highly skilled, experienced and qualified team work alongside parents/carers and families during times of challenge, supporting them to identify new tools to cope, increase their resilience and make sustainable changes that will enable them to create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

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For parents/carers with children from birth to one year.

Led by an International Association of Infant Massage qualified instructor, this course draws on Indian and Swedish massage traditions, encouraging interacting, bonding and relaxation which can help with longer sleep.

Soothing holds and rhythmic strokes are given on each area of the baby’s body, following a sequence which has been developed over many years.
Baby massage can help you feel closer to your child as well as reducing post-natal depression. It can also be used to help with wind, colic, constipation, teething discomfort and crying.

For parents/carers with babies from birth to 12 months.

Baby Time groups were created for parents to have time to socialise and explore their babies' development in a stimulating and nurturing environment, whilst supporting parental mental health and wellbeing in these very early stages. This 12 week course provides a gentle approach for parents before they move on to explore other programmes.

For parents/carers with children from birth to four years.

This learning group is based on three areas;

  1. Personal/social and emotional development
  2. Language development and social communication skills
  3. Physical development.

This is a fun, interactive environment for parents/carers and their children featuring various activities such as water, sand and messy play and music. Brighter Futures’ keyworkers work alongside parents/carers to focus on their child’s individual needs, wellbeing and learning strategies. Photos are taken as a keepsake for individual journals, capturing special moments shared together. Typically, once finishing this group, youngsters can then progress to Physibods.

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For parents/carers with children from three to four years.

Physibods is the stepping stone group leading the children from Growing Together to nursery after the summer break. The structured sessions are comprised of fun, interactive physical activities, singing and developing co-ordination skills, balance and movement. During the term, children are invited to take books home to read and return and they’re given a Brighter Futures’ bag complete with weekly resources and activities to do at home and outside.

At the end of the Physibods term, children give a demonstration of the activities and skills they’ve learned before they put on gowns to take part in a graduation ceremony in front of parents, charity patrons and invited guests which officially sends youngsters onto the next stage of their journey.

For parents/carers to attend with a child from four to nine years.

Achieving Better Connections (ABC) aims to help children and parents to build positive relationships and strengthen attachment through structured play.

There are four core dimensions which relate to both parent and child.

Engagement, to help children to try new things in a safe environment

Challenge, to help children take safe risks and build their confidence

Structure, to help develop self-control

Nurture, to help children feel safe and secure

Homemade blankets and quilts are kindly donated by a Charitable Organisation called Project Linus UK - Jersey Channels Islands group.


For parents /carers with children from birth to four years.

This programme is run in conjunction with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). Co-delivered by therapists and a Brighter Futures’ keyworker, the small group is designed to support parents and their children to make positive changes within their family relationships.

The parenting programme offers a combination of play, film footage, therapeutic work along with food and nurturing advice and guidance.

For parents / carers with children from birth to three years

RAISING EARLY ACHIEVEMENT IN LITERACY (REAL) is a fun and interactive course for parents and their children to further develop early literacy skills. This includes a love of books and rhymes, mark making, exploring environmental print and early numeracy.

We provide a range of literacy/numeracy events within The Bridge, as well as visiting different locations such as the beach, park and woods. This course is a great opportunity for parents and practitioners to support children on their journey to school.

Drop in group, all ages up to eight years - OPEN TO EVERY DAD IN JERSEY 2nd Sunday of the month.

Dads' Club offers a choice of activities and resources in a safe and relaxed environment. It’s also an opportunity to meet other dads, male carers and children. Brighter Futures’ keyworkers and volunteers are also on hand for support. Free snacks and refreshments are provided and various outings are also organised such as trips to the beach, parks and the woods as well as a Christmas party.

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