Sharon Lovett & Dawn Gollop.

Brighter Futures is absolutely delighted, thrilled to welcome Sharon Lovett & Dawn Gollop as Ambassadors.

‘Friends asking Friends’ for charity is just one of the many diverse ways that Brighter Futures explores to generate sustainable income streams within the third sector as friendship groups employ a range of approaches to source much needed additional income.

Sharon and Dawn are the very best friends, they, and their close friendship group, is everything that this concept represents which brings about a ‘contagious generosity’

For these two friends have acted as hosts, as guests, as promotors, as supporters and as connectors in respect of Brighter Futures event experiences and investments.

Understanding that generosity can cascade through social networks, as Sharon and Dawn have so beautifully demonstrated, requires our Ambassadors to be fully representative of our organisation and as such they are aligned with our core values, beliefs aims an objectives. It is important also, that they recognise for themselves the changes made because of a commitment to us.

With vision and support, ‘friends asking friends’ may one day grow into an on island partnership.

For more information of the role of an Ambassador please contact;

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