Marcia Luis.

Brighter Futures is absolutely delighted to welcome Marcia as an Ambassador.

Marcia’s personal connection to Brighter Futures as a former client over 7 years ago, has led her to be a passionate advocate and supporter since then.

Since moving on from Brighter Futures Marcia has secured a solid and stable base from which to move on with her life achieving many great things including running a marathon and employment within the Government of Jersey, where she works to assist people who wish for the same things that she once did.

Perhaps one of the most meaningful and rewarding roles for an Ambassador is born out of a desire to help people. Therefore, an Ambassador such as Marcia wholeheartedly demonstrates the values, vision and mission of our charity.

Her firsthand experience of how Brighter Futures supports clients gives her a unique insight of how people can turn their lives around, making her an intelligent, well informed individual who takes centre stage as a representative of us.

Outgoing and resilient, with a bright and positive attitude, Marcia shares her own knowledge and experience of Brighter Futures to identity future fundraising and charity partnership opportunities.

Marcia is everything that we at Brighter Futures represent. Our ongoing relationship with her, although no longer as a client, remains strong and she is as much of a guide to us as we were to her.

The role of an Ambassador is an important one as it helps us reach new people, inspire new fundraising initiatives as we all work together to create brighter futures for families in Jersey.

For more information of the role of an Ambassador please contact;

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