Lady Dalton.

Bringing up young children is a wonderful and rewarding role in life but, at times and for some parents and carers, it can be really challenging, frustrating and even daunting. Sharing difficult tasks and times can often help, however, too often, single parents, couples with children with particular needs and caring parents find genuine difficulties coping with bringing up their child. Too often they think that they must tackle the challenges on their own and that can become overwhelming. This is where Brighter Futures can really help!

With their committed and experienced key workers, Brighter Futures really can provide that advice, practical help and coaching to help parents find ‘their’ way to bond and develop their relationship with their children. I have seen for myself, that such help can really make all the difference in how a child develops and bonds with their parent/carer. I also know how important it is for parents/carers to have a feeling of control over their personal lives and not to feel that their whole life has been taken over by having a child to bring up. The support of Brighter Futures can make a real and life changing difference in this regard; they are here to support, to empower, to encourage and to equip parents to live a better family life and to bring up their child to be a capable, happy and enjoyable person in their lives.

I urge all those who feel that they just need a bit of help to contact Brighter Futures to let them help you to enjoy having a family and to help develop your children to be brighter young people with bright futures.

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