Gemma Le Sueur.

Brighter Futures is absolutely delighted that Gemma Le Sueur remains as one of our founder Ambassadors is very much part of our organisation today.

Gemma's involvement since 2012 has been the driving force behind many event experiences which has brought about a power to impact social change and improve the lives of many of our Brighter Futures families.

A way that Ambassadors can effect change is through successfully run events.

Events and experiences overseen by Gemma have been a great way to directly engage with and inspire audiences, to draw a wider attention to our cause.

In addition, sourcing foods to fill our larder, to ensuring all of or Brighter Futures clients receive a gift at Christmas, to cycling the length of Portugal!

To work alongside an Ambassador such as Gemma, who has a passion for our charity work, reignites all that we are trying to achieve.

The role of an Ambassador is an important one as it helps us reach new people, inspire new fundraising initiatives as we all work together to create brighter futures for families in Jersey.

For more information of the role of an Ambassador please contact;

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