Success for our new keyworkers and creche team members

Congratulations to our team members!.

We love celebrating success at Brighter Futures, especially when our fantastic team is in the spotlight.


  • Congratulations from us all to Michelle B for completing her Circle of Security training and becoming a fully-fledged keyworker.
  • Donna has now finished her 6 month internship role and has also become a fully-fledged keyworker.
  • Laura is now a fully trained Incredible Years facilitator, and is all ready to run Incredible Years in May 2022.
  • Louise has been part of Brighter Futures for six months now and is also a fully fledged keyworker!
Creche team
  • Jaimee, Zoe and Emma have all been with us for six months now and are an integral part of our creche team.
  • Debbie and Sarah are also staying in their roles for longer, to continue to support Brighter Futures as CRM Database Administrator and Digital Strategy Lead.

Well done everyone for being an integral part of the Brighter Futures family - we couldn't do it without you!

Flowers for our creche team members!
Lauren, Jaimee, Zoe, Emma, Allison and CEO Fiona


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