Our fundraising activities can determine the future of our organisation.

Brighter Futures drive a powerful fundraising effort to ensure that there are adequate funds to support our services and have successfully done so for the past 13 years.

From Darts to Dogs Dinners, from Balloons to Ballroom, from Serendipity to Serenade and from Trusts to Foundations, we always aim to bring innovation in creation along with incentive and investment that is dynamic and forward thinking for all involved.

A prime example of this innovation and creativity was the launch of our first ever virtual event during Covid-19, Balloons for Brighter Futures. This was a first for Jersey and for us, clearly demonstrating that our Charity really is 21st Century!

However, fundraising is more than just raising money, contributing to the Charity proactively, positively and professionally in many different ways, it is a way to send a message as to what is needed and why.

By helping us to fundraise you are connected to us and you bring valuable skills by inspiring family, friends, colleagues and online networks to support our work and to become involved in fundraising activities.

This can include sponsoring something specific such as an activity, programme, supporting events and initiatives, by taking them across Island by becoming a flagship, by encouraging more people to support Brighter Futures by showing commitment and care.

Helping us spread the word in this way enables Brighter Futures to reach families in Jersey who need our assistance, as well as obtaining the much needed funding that allows us to continue our work.

As we continue to grow, we wish to expand our services and support to a wider area. If time and money is invested, we know we can make a bigger impact with further outreach on this Island we call home.

Interested? We would love to hear from you…

Contact our Community Engagement Officers:

Sharon Betts:-

Judith Hanson:-

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