Corporate support.

Charities are the eyes, ears and conscience of society. We mobilise, we provide, we inspire, we advocate and we unite.

Jersey is a small island, a community almost like a large family. We all want the best outcomes for our families and we are sure that businesses and their employees want the same for their own families, as do clients who come to Brighter Futures.

Brighter Futures is confident that corporate organisations and their workforce can play a significant role in being part of making a difference to many families. By working together, to build community resilience and cohesion, we seek to create shared experiences, with an alignment between the values of an organisation and those that our programmes support.

Corporate Social Responsibility can make a real and tangible difference if it has a clear purpose and focus. Brighter Futures wants to work alongside companies, institutions and organisations to give them the opportunity to become active partners in addressing community concerns. Together we can make a real and lasting change for Jersey.

To make CSR programmes a success for all involved there are a number of points that Brighter Futures considers:

  • What experiences can Brighter Futures create that allow your team members to engage with us?
  • What change occurs within Brighter Futures as a result of your relationship with us?
  • Do Brighter Futures satisfy the ‘but for’ test. The change achieved by your CSR commitment that would not have occurred without your company’s support.

    At the company level, we can design a bespoke CSR partnership with you, aligned with your corporate values and addressing community needs.

    By working in partnership, we can make a difference to many of the social barriers that families in Jersey face on a daily basis. Your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and a partnership with Brighter Futures offer an opportunity to facilitate that ambition.

    Please contact Sharon Betts Community Engagement Officer
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